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The Rokid Air Pro is an augmented reality headset manufactured by Rokid. It was released in March 2022, following an announcement in March 2022. It is the company’s 4th AR headset release.

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Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
Weight: 83g
Memory Storage: Depends on cell phone
IP: IP52
Noise Reduction: 90db
Display Type: Micro-O LED
FOV: 43°

Resolution: 1920 X 1080 (Binocular)
Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
CPU: Mobile Phone
Sensor: 9 axis IMU, GPS, Camera, Proximity Sensor, Array Microphone
Camera: 8M pixels, 1080p video streaming
Battery: Mobile Phone
5G None

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• Private Spatial Sound
Sound flows around the user, with clear stereo sound targeted over their ears for an audio experience only they can hear.
• High-res, Breathtaking Display
Features a 43° field of view, 100000:1 contrast ratio, and a vivid ultra-high-definition screen that immerses the user in a digital world.
• Enhanced Interaction
Voice and visual recognition, making interacting with the AR glasses easy and fun.
• Slim, Comfortable Frame
Lightweight design and stress-relief features for long-term comfort and wear. Weight: 83 g.

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1. Is there a way to adjust the nose pad?
The nose pad is adjustable so you can move it to the best angle. We also provide two types of nosepad to adapt to European, American and Asian populations.
2. Does Rokid Air glasses have a Bluetooth or WiFi version?
Currently Rokid Air doesn't have a Bluetooth or WiFi version. But thanks for your feedback and we will try our best to explore new technologies to bring every customer a better user experience.
3. Will people nearby be able to hear and see what I'm watching?
Rokid Air glasses adopt the directional speaker, so people nearby are not able to hear what you are watching. Also you can connect Air glasses with your headphones via Bluetooth.


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