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Amazing AR Games For AR Games. Augmented reality (AR) has come a long way since its inception, with Rokid AR Store filled with AR games available for you to download.
Additionally, there were some games that added some AR elements into the game and we thought that was kind of neat too. Here are the best augmented reality games for Android!

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The best augmented reality games for AR Glasses.
1. Endspace
Take command of the most advanced starfighter the United Trade Consortium has ever developed in stunning virtual reality as you battle for the Tartarus sector. Protect the UTC’s secret jump-drive technology from the Tartarus Liberation Front insurgents as you fight to maintain the corporation’s dominance and earn yourself fame and fortune in the process.
Track targets with your gaze and blast them with your Pulse Lasers or lock on and pound them into space dust with your Meteor Missiles. Unlock new weapon.
Compatible Android Mobile
Category Rokid Air,Rokid Air Pro
Size 394.53 M

The year is 2039 and the planet has recovered after the events of Reflex Unit 1. Life seems safe, until a new larger army of remote control drones suddenly attacks strategic cities around the globe.
It is up to you again to pilot a new batch of experimental hardware to fight back the invading forces and save the planet, and beyond...
Publisher Robosaru Games
Compatible Android Mobile
Category Rokid Air,Rokid Air Pro
Size 351.55 M

3.Space War
Put on Rokid Air and enter the game. You will be immersively driving your own plane in space, fighting against the enemy, passing through meteorite arrays, and finally defeating the big boss. Try your skills and fight to defend the galaxy now!
Compatible Android Mobile
Category Rokid Air
Size 285.80 M

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