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Augmented reality has an exciting future ahead,with the likes of Rokid showing off a number of AR demos to give the tech world a taste of what’s in store.
By now, the wheels of your mind are churning to think about Apple AR glasses app ideas right? Here are a few mobile app ideas that might help your thought trail to extend a bit more or get an app developed instantly to save yourself from missing the trending train.

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• Your smart phone page will change to the specific controller when entering part of third-party games.
• Home key: Press the key to return from the third-party game to the launcher quickly.
• Start key: ltfs defined by the third-party application and used as [Confirm]/[Start] function generally.
• Menu key: lt*s defined by the third-party application and can call out the menu in the game generally.
• Left rocker key: ltfs defined by the third-party and can control the movement of the operation object in the game generally.
• Right rocker key: It's defined by the third-party and can control visual
angle movement in the game generally.
• ABXY key: It's defined by the third-party, Key A is equal to Confirm and y
Key B is equal to Back button generally.
X B * Support the connection of physical bluetooth game controller to the smart phone to manipulate Rokid Air (including system pre-installed, application and partial third-party applications/games applicable to the handle).


The best app for rokid ar glass
1. Sky map
browser sky map in ar glasses
Publisher tony
Compatible Android Mobile
Category Rokid Air,Rokid Air Pro
Size 13.48 M

2. PartyOn
Join the best virtual music event ever and sing like a star!
PartyOn is a virtual music event app developed by XRSPACE, offering cross-platform connection, lifelike personal avatars, exquisite party spaces, smooth and low-latency acoustics, single/multiplayer support, and real-time social interactions. Creating brand-new virtual music experiences for everyone to enjoy.
With AR, you can sing wherever and whenever you like! Join now and be part of this music metaverse dedicated to music lovers.
Publisher XRSPACE
Compatible Android Mobile
Category Rokid Air,Rokid Air Pro

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